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Breaking Old Assumptions::
Lessons from a Lookalike
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As Sir Paul, Mike Olie EDUTAINS (educates and entertains) audiences while sharing life-changing lessons applicable to any audience.

With an engaging approach that utilizes lyrics from classic Beatle songs, fun and interactive guitar lessons, and personal life lessons including his ongoing battle with Parkinson's, Mike connects with audiences on many levels, demonstrating powerful principles and lessons... lessons from a look-alike.

Bring Mike in to help unleash potential, explore possibilities, define purpose, and develop passion in the hearts and minds of your group.

Non-profit events, corporate functions, conventions & seminars. Hire Mike to serve as your next keynote speaker with his inspirational and entertaining message about successfully defining yourself in a world of lookalikes.

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Other services & information:

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Radio Show Clip after a "Sir Paul" visit that caused some confusion

See a video of "Sir Paul" in action!

See pics from "Sir Paul's" visit to the Paul McCartney concert in Denver!
Paul Mccartneylookalike.com Paul ConcetSir Paul McCartney  Lookalike

Mike "Olie" Oltersdorf is the world's top Paul McCartney celebrity impersonator and lookalike. Based in Chicago, he has been featured in international media publications, and is available for your trade show or event.

Mike has won the Sir Paul McCartney look a like contest at Beatlefest 9 times! He has been hired as a Paul McCartney look-alike as a trade show talent, event entertainer, print advertising model, and other benefits where celebrity impersonators were needed. Book Mike "as Macca" for your next event!

Model for print, TV, or internet advertising:
Use "Sir Paul" to turn heads in your next promotional campaign

Promotional campaign for EuroStar (European Rail Line)
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Trade Show Talent
Mike (as "Sir Paul") will dramatically improve your trade show booth traffic and increase sales.

Mike at the Regal Computer graphics trade show booth
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Celebrity Look alike for Parties and Events
Mike as "Sir Paul McCartney" will be the talk of your event! Company parties, benefits, and more!

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In The Press:

Mike has been featured in the media due to his resemblance to Paul McCartney. A partial list includes: Good Morning America, AOL (Mistakenly used Mike's pic instead of Paul's for a story), LA Times, Radio Shows, and many others. Click here to see the Press Page

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